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Keeping tenants and guests safe around the entryways of apartments and motels is of great concern not only for the strict city, state and federal codes but also because of insurance coverage. Since all of these buildings have possibilities of children going to and from, lighting in egress areas especially is of major importance.

It's true that the typical lighting applications can provide ample light for most situations; however, because of the way older, typically lighting casts light, dark areas are usually present. Also, these more common kinds of lighting need to be constantly monitored because these bulbs have a high failure rate. An area that is safe one minute may not be the next.

LED lighting solutions for apartments and  motels can solve all of these issues.

The LED lights are many times brighter and can cast light more evenly. These lights do not dissipate heat so  they are a safer alternative also. And, finally, LED lighting installed at your apartment complex or motel has a much higher life so you need not worry that one or some will fail often.

With all of the lighting necessary to best ensure safety for your guests and tenants, LEDs will also help reduce your energy bill thus paying for itself over a short period of time.

VSE can install LED lighting in any new motel or apartment construction project, upgrade your existing lighting to LEDs, or retrofit your existing lighting fixtures. We also maintain and repair any LED lighting whether we installed it or not.

Veteran Signs provides full LED and electrical services in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.  Contact us today and see how we can help you.

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