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LED Lighting

As experienced experts with LED lighting systems installation, retrofitting and maintenance, we are a one-stop source that can help you save money in any of your lighting needs ~ from interior lighting to large billboards and scoreboards. 

LED Parking Lot Lighting

Safety concerns in parking lots is a major concern today; however, illuminating lots can be costly. Using LED technology can reduce electric bills by up to 25%.

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LED Signs

Obviously, signs are a major part of your business but they do not have to be a major part of your energy bill. 

LED signs operate at a fraction of any other lighting “solutions”.

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Apartments, Motels & More

Providing ample lighting for foot traffic is of vital importance. Let us light your way more economically. Safety is not something to take lightly.

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LED Scoreboards

Today’s scoreboards do a lot more than just keep score. 

LED technologies allow television quality motion videos, video replays, advertising and more.

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Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Systems

Our new lighting solution is the most reliable and comprehensive lighting solution money can but with respect to controlling indoor and outdoor LED lighting.

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Hotel Lighting

The hospitality industry spends a huge amount of money on lighting. Typically lighting has to be on all day and night. 

LED lighting helps lower this expenditure significantly.

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Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Another 24/7 business that is usually lite more than others in the neighborhood because of safety. 

We can reduce costs while maintaining the illumination of the grounds.

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Energy Control Systems

Control individual or groups of lighting fixtures independently. Preset them to turn on, off, dim, brighten, or come on instantly as a motion detector. Tie-in your other utility systems (i.e. anything that uses a thermostat) too.

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New Product ~ OcuLED Light Sticks

NEW! The First Ever "One Size Fits All" LED Replacement for Sign Lighting...