LED Parking Lot Lighting


Can reduce electric bills up to 75%!”

LED Indoor Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting is an essential part of business. When a customer cannot find close, safe parking there's a good chance they will go elsewhere. As we all know, the most important word in that opening sentence is the word "safe".

Because of parking lot crimes, more lighting has been necessary and the lighting there has had to become brighter, which means that the costs to protect customers in the lots surrounding our stores have skyrocketed.

But, it doesn't have to be that way...

Our LED parking light lighting solutions are as bright, if not brighter than the old-fashioned lighting and the distribution of the light is typically far better. The best news is that LED parking lot lighting costs so little in comparison to the old lighting, it pays for itself in a very short period of time.

So, that is excellent news for everyone: The store (or parking lot/garage owner) saves money, which translates to either less expensive product pricing or more profit. And, the customer is safer when parking their car.

Contact Veteran Signs & Electric and let us show you how we can install brand new LED lighting or retrofit what you have. It's a win for everybody.

Outdoor LED Lighting

It is a common misconception that the tall, outdoor parking lot lights cannot be retrofitted to LED lighting. It's also a misunderstanding that, if LEDs were used outside, they would not light up the area as well as the older style, florescent or halogen bulbs do now.

Neither is actually true.

LEDs, although smaller and more dependable, have the capacity to outshine other lighting solutions. The bulbs, along with the reflective materials that surround them inside the parking lot light or street lamp can cast the light out more evenly and further than traditional lighting of the past.

And, with all of these benefits, LEDs save you money too. LEDs do not get near as hot; therefore, do not dissipate heat and heat is the thing that drives up energy bills. Reduce the heat and reduce the cost. It's really that simple.

No matter whether your project is to retrofit existing parking lot lighting, adding on to existing or starting out new, we will help you get maximum coverage for your money.

Do your utilities budget a favor and contact VSE today. Every day you wait is more money going to your local utility company instead of your pocket.

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